The Hospital


M.N Eye Hospital was started in the year 1986. Today this hospital has become a landmark for Eye care in North Chennai.

Dr. Madhivanan Natarajan, Medical Director is a distinguished ophthalmic surgeon and a pioneer in Phacoemulsification technique for cataract surgery.

Dr. Chalini Madhivanan,
Executive Director is one of the leading Refractive surgeons in the city of Chennai.



•  Refraction rooms with Phoropter, Streak Retinoscope, Autorefractometer & all the accessories for a complete refraction. Contact Lens Clinic with Autokeratometer, Manual Keratometer & Computerised corneal topography ensures accurate contact lens fitting.

•  Grinding unit with manual and auto edger. Manual and auto lensometer to check the accuracy of the lenses.

•  Opticals with latest frames and different types of lenses. •  Pharmacy to be familiar with drugs and Clinical laboratory to learn the practical aspects of Biochemistry & Microbiology.

Super Specialities:
•  Cornea Clinic: Penetrating Keratoplasty (Corneal Transplant) helps the persons who are blind (because of corneal problems), to see once again. Donor corneas are collected, preserved at “Vazhum Kangal Eye Bank” unit of M.N.Eye Hospital and used for appropriate patients.
•  Glaucoma Clinic: Applanation tonometer, Pneumotonometer, Octopus 123 Perimeter, Pachymeter, Video Slit lamp biomicroscopic photography, Gonioscope, Yag laser are some of the Instruments used in diagnosing and treating Glaucoma.
•  Paediatric Ophthalmology: Childhood eye problems are detected in our weekly school screening programmes and treated. Problems like congenital cataract, squint and refractive errors are corrected earlier to prevent amblyopia (Lazy Eye).
•  Laser: Lasers to correct Refractive errors and to treat different eye diseases in conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and Vascular disorders are done in the Hospital.