Personality Develpoment

  We believe and stress on the overall personality development of the students to make them unique and successful Optometrists during their career. Many steps are taken by us to achieve this goal. English classes are conducted to improve their communication skills. Computer rules the world and so computer science is taught to all students. Yoga and Moral Science classes are conducted to make them physically and mentally strong and stable.  

College day and Sports day enable the students to relax mentally and show their brilliance in fields other than studies. Once in a year we take the students on an excursion.

Feedback regarding the classes, lectures, are sought regularly from the students, so that appropriate action can be taken .

Group Discussions regarding Optometry subjects and other general topics are conducted regularly, which will train the students to voice their views without any reservations.


Seminars are conducted regularly by students which will improve their knowledge about the subject and at the same time help them overcome their fear in communicating authentically, which is the most important criteria for their success as a good optometrist.

These steps taken by our college mould the students into a professional optometrist and make them take sure and successful strides in this competitive world.