What is Optometry

The word optometry is derived from Greek words optos (visible) and metria (measurement). Optometry is a branch of science dealing with eyes and vision. It is a primary eye care profession concerned with examination, diagnosis and optical treatment of the eyes and related structures.

What an Optometrist can do
•  Establish his own eye clinic
•  Start an optical shop with grinding units
•  Work in eye Hospital / clinics
•  Hold prestigious job in multinational companies associated with eye care
•  Work in leading optical showrooms
•  Take teaching as a profession in optometry colleges.
•  Go in for research work
•  Pursue higher studies in optometry
•  Work in Hospital / optical showroom in foreign countries.

Recognition :
Optometry is one of the rare professions which gives personal satisfaction as well as good remuneration. Since Optometrists are involved in preserving eyesight, they are regarded with respect among their patients and generally, in the society.
In the past Optometrists were limited almost exclusively to fitting eye glasses. Today's Optometrists examine & diagnose the eye diseases in addition to providing corrections such as Contact Lenses and Low Vision Aids.

Specialization :
Optometry offers a variety of areas of specialization like Contact Lenses, vision therapy and Orthoptics, Paediatrics, low vision, sports vision and occupational optometry

Scope :
There is a great need for Optometrists in India and abroad.
There is a lack of both Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctors) and Optometrists in India . Optometrists can take care of primary eye care while the limited number of Ophthalmologists handle the complicated procedures.